They will look in the writer's whole catalogue of titles that are available. In the event the promotion of a single title is not unlikely to lead to follow on sales of other titles then that writer becomes a much better candidate for love that is promotional. Merchandising calendars around that they construct special promotions are maintained by them. Examples include Halloween, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and Valentine's Day. Social media is monitored by them. When they find those promotions are giving results, and writers are vigorously marketing their publications in the shop of the specified retailer, the retailer is prone to step forward and give added promotional boost to the writer. It may be a challenge although indie writers are just starting to bring increased merchandising favor in the retailers.

The merchandising supervisors do not have skill or the time to discipline 50,000 pitches a week from writers. This is why they rely on the aggregated, data driven knowledge of customer reviews, bestseller lists and recommendations from vendors and publishers. So what can the indie writer, you, do to earn the interest and great graces of a merchandising supervisor? Here are several suggestions; Earn it - Market that retailer on Facebook, site, Twitter and your own blog. Your name can be more recognizable to the merchandising supervisors at every retailer should you incorporate promotion of your retailers into all of your on-going promotions. Never badmouth your retailers - See almost the leading on-line message boards frequented by several writer sites and writers, and you will frequently find writers whining about the other or one retailer.

It is almost as if some writers embrace your own slogan of, "I whine, so I am." Perhaps they are worried that they sell at Amazon than they do at Apple or Barnes & Noble, or they believe one shop has discovery that is better than another, and thus they cast aspersions from the other retailers. Do not do that. These boards are browsed by the merchandising supervisors. Such whining shows up within their Google alarms. The ebook retailers will not be machines that are monolithic. They are staffed by actual people who have real feelings, and when an author is badmouthing them, the retailer is not likely to need to reveal their novels any party favors or the writer. Remain professional and positive.

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